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Jim Jordan Shuts Down AOC After Freshman Dem Accuses GOP of Disrespecting Congress

Jim Jordan shut down AOC in a Congressional hearing after the freshmen Dem lawmaker got all arrogant with the GOP.
AOC flippantly accused them of going to a cocktail party rather than attend the hearing causing Jordan to put AOC firmly in her place.

The Dems are running multiple kangaroo committees and worse they are running them at the same time because they know Jordan and the rest of the GOP cannot be two places at once.
From Townhall:
“And I just want to know what the reason for such disrespect of our process would potentially be. Do we have a reason for why this hearing is trying to be adjourned? Or, you know, do we have just like a cocktail party?” the freshman Democrat asked.
“I have one. I have a real easy one,” Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) replied. “The oil industry is the second largest industry in my state. My constituents expect me to be here. We are running an impeachment hearing down in the basement of the Capitol right now…I want to participate in this hearing, but I also feel the need to be in the SCIF because we are only one of three committees that’s allowed to be in the room.”
Armstrong said while he can do multiple things at one time, he can not be at two places at once.
Ocasio-Cortez then asked if this is the first time Republicans are complaining about the scheduling.
“We’ve expressed this last week about have two things going on at the same time,” Rep. Jim Jordan said. “It’s not like we haven’t talked about this, but you guys continue to do hearings at the same time there are depositions going on.”
Jordan went on to say incredulously that it is impossible for him to be in two places at once shutting down the hapless and quite arrogant AOC.

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