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Whistleblower's Lawyers Threatens Media, Report Of "No Further Discussions" With House Committees

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Though California Rep. Adam Schiff, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee and is on the front-line of President Donald Trump’s unconstitutional impeachment inquiry — essentially banked the entire process on testimony from the anonymous whistleblower out of the U.S. intelligence community who sparked the impeachment sham in the first place, a source reportedly indicated that that’s no longer the case.
According to the Washington Examiner, the whistleblower’s lawyers have ended negotiations with House committee leaders with regard to how exactly he or she would be providing testimony and when.
It’s not all that surprising that Schiff would change direction on just how much exposure the whistleblower might receive, given recent reports that Schiff’s staff and possibly Schiff himself spoke to the anonymous complainer before he or she filed the official complaint alleging President Donald Trump of exerting pressure on the Ukrainian president in exchange for political dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.
On top of that, the apparent second whistleblower, who mysteriously never received additional media coverage after the first few days that it was revealed that there actually was a second person, will also not be involved in the process.
“There is no indication that either of the original whistleblowers will be called to testify or appear before the Senate or House Intelligence committees. There is no further discussion ongoing between the legal team and the committees,” an anonymous source reportedly told the Washington Examiner.
Doubling down, lawyers for the whistleblower issued a clear and present threat to the mainstream media should an outlet or reporter determine exactly who the whistleblower was and publish his or her name.
Andrew Bakaj and Mark Zaid, both attorneys for the whistleblower, published a statement that warned a disclosure of the whistleblower’s name could put that person in physical danger and that any harm that comes to that person or his or her family as a result of the disclosure will be held liable. They ended the statement with “Such behavior is at the pinnacle of irresponsibility and is intentionally reckless.”
This is impeachment effort 3.0 by Schiff. After twice falsely accusing the President of treason with Russia and obstructing justice, Democrats put Schiff in charge of impeachment 3.0 with someone who became a whistleblower after meeting with Schiff’s staff.
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But as Hot Air pointed out, as skilled as they may be as attorneys, they apparently missed the class that covers the First Amendment while attending law school. In America, media outlets can’t be held liable for the actions of others if they report the facts of a legitimate news story. And the impeachment of a sitting president and the events and people who led up to it are certainly fair game for legitimate news reports.
Obviously, the only way a news outlet could be held liable for such a thing would be if they identified the wrong person who was then later harmed or otherwise negatively affected by the erroneous report.

And while the names of the whistleblower may be held in confidentiality for now, you can bet your bottom dollar that if Trump’s impeachment process advances through the Democrat-controlled House, the president’s vast majority of Republican allies in the Senate will uncover the truth around who the whistleblower is, if he or she was coached by Schiff or other Democratic operatives to finally launch their impeachment fantasy and with any luck, hand down criminal referrals for sparking one of the greatest political witch hunt’s in modern American history.

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