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Watch: Elizabeth Warren Chased From Airport By Trump Fans Shouting 'Pocahontas' At Lawmaker

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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of the top contenders for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination, did not receive a warm welcome when he arrived in Nevada.
She was greeted by a group of fans of President Donald Trump who let her know that Reno, Nevada was not for her.
The video, shared to Twitter by the Nevada Republican Party, showed the supporters shouting at the senator “don’t impeach.”
Warren has been one of the most boisterous people, and one of the first to call for the impeachment of the president.
“Nevadans greeted @ewarren in Reno and let them know exactly how they feel about the Democrats’ despicable attempt to impeach @realDonaldTrump and undo the 2016 election,” it said
The group of people, who far outnumbered Warren and her three staffers, chased her through the airport and to her waiting car.
“Socialism is a true form of insanity,” one of the protesters shouted, as others shouted “Pocahontas” at the senator, The New York Post reported.

The group, dressed in MAGA hats and waving Trump signs, stalked Warren all the way to a waiting car — telling the 70-year-old lawmaker to “go home” as a staffer shielded her from the group and a security guard finally warned the protesters to break it up.
Nevada Republican Party state chairman Michael J. McDonald also tweeted the clip on Wednesday night, writing: “Welcome to Reno ⁦@ewarren! This is @teamtrump country!!”
Warren was in Nevada for a Wednesday night town hall in Carson City, the state’s capital.
The way that Sen. Warren has been talking about raises taxes and stricter gun control it is no wonder Republicans do not like her.
Elizabeth Warren Issues Gun Control Ultimatum, Promises Swift & Immediate Executive Action If Elected President.
The mainstream media isn’t reporting that the Dayton shooter was a fan of Elizabeth Warren.
This has been well documented. He was apparently a registered Democrat.
And if anyone mentions that fact, they are immediately silenced and blackballed.
One NBC reporter mentioned the shooter’s pro-Warren tweets, but tried to pass them off as meaningless.
NBC reporter Ben Collins on Monday falsely claimed the Dayton, Ohio shooter was “more neutral” with his political posts on Twitter, despite the shooter saying he would “happily vote” for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) to be president.
Speaking to MSNBC co-host Ali Velsi, Collins offered new information about the Dayton shooter, explaining that “Authorities say they don’t find any race motives in this thing at all. They haven’t seen anything yet.”
“He killed his own sister,” co-host Stephanie Ruhle interjected.
“He killed his own sister. There is a social media presence. He identified himself as part of the left. He had tweeted — we don’t know if it was an endorsement or what it was about, but he tweeted about Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders,” Collins said.
When Ruhle attempted to clarify that the tweets mentioned Warren and Sanders in a “positive way,” Collins dismissed her.
“More neutral than anything. We don’t know if there’s any political affiliation.” …
Whoa, sidestepped that landmine!

Now comes word that Elizabeth Warren has responded, at least to the shooting itself, promising swift and immediate action on gun control if she’s elected president. And her strategy appears to be working.
Presidential candidate and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.) endorsed ending the filibuster and using executive orders to address the gun issue Sunday night on MSNBC. The senator’s comments came in the wake of two mass shootings in El Paso, Texas. and Dayton, Ohio over the past weekend.
“We get rid of the filibuster and go with the majority vote,” she told MSNBC host Kasie Hunt.
Hunt asked Warren what she would do differently as president to get gun control initiatives passed.
“Part of it I’m willing to attack the corruption head-on, including the corruption of the gun manufacturers that hire all the lobbyists that call the shots in Washington,” Warren responded. “But the second part is remember, six years ago the Senate passed by a vote of 54-46 background checks. I say they passed. That was the majority, but not with a filibuster in place. It wasn’t good enough to get the job done.”
“On the first day I’m president, the Republicans want to try to block things, then we get rid of the filibuster and we go with the majority vote.”
“I take your point, but a president can’t end a filibuster by themselves,” Hunt pointed out.
“But a president can certainly call for it, and the president can certainly lead the charge, and the president right now as a candidate can run on it,” Warren responded. “I will do everything I can by executive order, but I will also lead on the argument of getting rid of the filibuster so that by a majority we can do what the American people have sent us there to do.”
“The filibuster is blocking action on guns. It’s part of the way that the gun manufacturers hold Congress in thrall, and we’ve got to stop that,” Warren added. …

What do you think of Elizabeth Warren now?

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